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Friday, May 4, 2012

God is Able!

The Boy Can Run!
Paul Whiting, stellar orthopedic resident from Boston who rotated at Tenwek in March 2012, visited the home of Kipkoech, the boy with bilateral femur fractures and an open tibia fracture who was treated at Tenwek last November (for previous blog story, click Here).  Paul caught video of Kipkoech running just 4 months after his surgeries!  During the most recent follow-up visit, Susan, Kipkoech’s mother, told us that she did not believe that her boy would ever walk again (let alone run) and as a result of God’s healing work in her son’s life, she placed her faith in Christ and is now meeting weekly with Lori Rowe (Dr. Glen Rowe’s wife) to read and study the bible!

Claire’s Baptism

Our family recently returned from the Coast where we attended the annual WGM retreat.  We had a very refreshing time of rest, fun and spiritual growth…definite highlight for me was baptizing Claire in the Indian Ocean! 
Donated C-ARM on the Way!
Chicago C-ARMS, the company from which we purchased our latest C-ARM in 2010, is donating a second, newly refurbished C-ARM (same model) to Tenwek completely free of charge!  The owner relayed to me that his company was greatly struggling last year (as so many have been in the US).   He is a believer and regularly attends Willow Creek Church.  One Sunday, he was greatly impacted by a sermon his pastor, Bill Hybels, gave on tithing, biblical truths about managing money, and trusting God.  He felt God calling him to step out in faith BEFORE seeing God’s provision and committed the donation of this unit to Tenwek.  In the next two weeks after his email to me about this commitment, his company sold 4 additional units!  God delights in our simple faith!  The C-ARM is about ready to roll, but we are now trusting God to provide the finances to air freight the unit to Kenya.

Electronic X-rays for Theatre

Examples of the high quality x-rays now capable with our digital x-ray system at Tenwek.
When I returned to Tenwek last summer, I was surprised to find that we had transitioned to electronic x-ray viewing throughout Tenwek!  I was very skeptical at first, but this has turned out to be a HUGE blessing for us (e.g. no more hunting for lost x-rays AND image quality had increased exponentially).  Since we no longer print hardcopy x-rays, it is critical for our operating rooms to have computers with monitors in each room (especially for orthopedics).  Perhaps you would join Chicago C-ARMS by stepping out in faith to help us meet these two needs.  If so, send me an email (dgalat@gmail.com) and we can talk.  God is able!

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FreeNDreezy said...

Great work Galat Family! I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer living in Singorwet (near Silibwet) working in public health. Maybe sometime we could meet for lunch? Work together? Partner up? :) God Bless!

Andrea Flynn-Schneider
PCV Kenya-Public Health '11-'13