Dan, Heather, Jeremiah, Tory, Emma, Tye, Claire, Levi, Josie, Jane and Ethan

Monday, April 28, 2014

Galat Family Update April 2014

Retreat to the Coast!

It seems that since returning to Kenya last fall, we have been going non-stop with family (Josie), visitors, ministry and work.  Thus, we were so thankful for a time of REST on the beaches of the Indian Ocean, where we spent time together as a family and attended our annual WGM Kenya retreat with friends and co-workers.  One of the definite highlights was Emma’s baptism in the Indian Ocean, which I helped perform!

The water was like a bath...about 90 degrees...perfect!

Emma has such a sweet heart for the Lord as she (like all of us) continues to learn faith and trust. 

New Lead and C-ARM for Tenwek Orthopaedics

Thanks to the generous donations from two friends of Tenwek orthopaedics, we were able to purchase sorely needed lead aprons and a newly refurbished C-ARM.   These items will be a huge blessing for the entire team, God-willing, for many years to come.  Our volume continues to grow exponentially, mainly due to the increase in road traffic accidents in Kenya.  Please pray for our department that we would continue to provide compassionate care in the name of Jesus Christ. 

The inaugural use of the new C-ARM and lead aprons. 

Alphine, one of our ortho surgery RNs, sporting the new lead and surgical caps (thanks to Jessica Nugent for making the caps).

Thanks to Dylan Nugent and his sister for helping to design the new Tenwek Ortho logo and incorporate it into our lead aprons!

Resident Training at Tenwek

Our first two orthopaedic residents, Dr. Victor Sowayi and Dr. Fasto Lado have settled into life and work at Tenwek.  We are thankful for the privilege of training orthopaedic surgeons for service in Africa!  Dr. Russ White and I recently met with the architect and surveyor of the new resident and trainee housing project to finalize plans and the budget for phase one.  We hope to break ground in June so that we can finish and have space for more residents by next January 2015!  The budget for phase one is $480,000 and we have raised approximately 75% of this amount.  We so appreciate those who have partnered with us in this project, and also the new residency, both of which would not be possible without our ministry partners.

Schematic of the Side Elevation of the new Resident and Trainee Housing Project.  This building will provide housing for about 25 residents, interns and medical students.  

Left to right: Drs. Dan, Fasto Lado, Victor Sowayi, Kiprono Koech and Will Moore at the white-coat ceremony.

Visiting a patient with the ortho team and Claire.  

The orthopedic consultant team at Tenwek.  

A time to build…

Housing is tight throughout Tenwek, both for visitors and trainees.  Thus, we recently began a new ministry/guest house just adjacent to our home.  In addition, our house itself is undergoing a major renovation with replacement of the old roof and trusses (which were completely rotten) and building of a front porch.   Needless to say, our “compound” is quite busy and chaotic with upwards of 25 workers at a given time.    We are looking forward to having a place for our many guests and medical visitors as well as an “upper room” for ministry, meals and bible studies.

The front view of the new guest/ministry house going up in our back yard.  The building will have two guest apartments, a storage and laundry room, and an "upper room" (ministry porch).  This project is providing steady work for 25+ local Kenyans!

Tearing off the old rusted iron sheets and replacing with new!

Our outstanding and very talented general contractor, Kimay.  He is employed by Tenwek to do most of the construction projects around the hospital. 


We were so thankful to have Jeremiah home on break from RVA for the month of April, which was also busy with 4 Galat family birthdays!  Jeremiah is in his junior year at Rift Valley Academy, busy with rugby, friends, and studying for college entrance exams.  Emma is a joy to have at home as she is a great help in the kitchen and with Josie.  We will miss her come August, when she plans to start high school at RVA.  Claire loves school and her Tenwek friends tremendously, and is also a great help at home.  Levi is busy daily with friends and Legos and brings us much laughter.  Josie is such a joy (and a stinker) and helps to keep Heather and I “young” (and dependent on the Lord).  We both have biceps tendonitis of the right arm from carrying her around so much!

Together for Levi's 10th birthday (one of four in the month of April).

My standard answer is that they get their good looks from their mother.

Levi at a recent overnight father/son camping trip to Mount Suswa. 

Balancing act...gymnast in the making. 

Asante sana! 

Our family could not work and serve in Africa without our team of ministry partners who support us financially and in prayer.  Thank you!  We also invite others who would like to join the work at Tenwek through support of our family, sponsorship of the orthopaedic residency and/or the construction of the new resident and trainee housing.  Following are easy links to secure donation pages below:

www.wgm.org/galat  (Galat family)
www.wgm.org/orthofund (Orthopaedic residency)
www.wgm.org/tenwek-hospital-housing (Resident and trainee housing)

Again, thank you and may the grace of Christ be magnified in your life!