Dan, Heather, Jeremiah, Tory, Emma, Tye, Claire, Levi, Josie, Jane and Ethan

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Official!

Heather and I just returned from World Gospel Mission headquarters in Marion, Indiana and have great news… we have been officially accepted as missionaries to Tenwek Hospital with WGM! We are thankful to be a part of the WGM team in Kenya, and our prayer is that we will be able to return to Tenwek as soon as possible, God willing as early as June 2011. God provided a small gift for us on the flights to and from Indiana in that we were upgraded to first class on 3 of the 4 flights (one of the few benefits of all the international travel as missionaries). I stepped into the coach section to use the restroom and was stopped by a flight attendant on my way back, telling me “I wasn’t allowed up in first class.” I looked at my non-first class attire, and coolly said, “I am just returning to my seat, thank you.” It will be hard going back to coach!

Intern Housing Update

I just received word from Russ White that the fund raising for the new intern housing project is going well, and with the $25,000 that is being donated from our ministry account (through your generosity), about half the amount for the second building has been raised. However, $140,000 is still needed to complete this second building. Please pray with us that the full amount would be raised soon in order that the construction can continue.

A Change of Plans

After returning to Phoenix in early June, and settling in, we began to question the wisdom of relocating to another place in such a short period of time in terms of the overall practicality, stress, and family life. So, although we were really looking forward to returning to Rochester, sending our kids to the school they attended during my residency, and being with our great friends and church family for the year, we have had to admit our limitations, and make the bittersweet decision to stay in Phoenix for this year. The paradox of conflicting emotions in missionary service continues in our lives. However, we are confident that this is where God has us and He is already providing. Our kids will start school at Christ Lutheran on August 12th, and we will be able to live in Heather’s parents’ guest house for the year, having their help with the kids, and their support and encouragement; plus we have a great fellowship at Whitton Ave Bible Church. Our goal for this year of furlough is rest and strengthening (ie. to return to Tenwek maximally healthy and ready for another term of service).

Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

Our schedule at a glance:

July 13th – Leave as a family for Ohio to visit the Galats, and our church family at Ontario Christian Fellowship.

July 26th - August 1st – Attend family church camp in Huntington, Indiana.

August 12th – Jeremiah, Emma, Claire and Levi start school.

August 9-23rd – Locum tenens job for Dan in Fairmont, MN. I hope to visit our friends in Rochester during this time.

Thank you for your support for our family. Your prayers and encouragement are appreciated!