Dan, Heather, Jeremiah, Tory, Emma, Tye, Claire, Levi, Josie, Jane and Ethan

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 2011 Update

Galat Ministry Video

A few months ago, we met a young man named Karl Feller (who is a gifted videographer) at a Medsend dinner in Phoenix. He works as a full-time chaplain at a local hospice, but, in his limited free time, uses his cinematographic talents to assist missionaries. He recently shot a short, 5-minute video of Heather and me highlighing the work we do at Tenwek. To view, click here.

Tickets are purchased!

We are very happy to report that we have a date set for our return to Kenya....August 15, 2011! Our original plan was to leave for Kenya in June, but we have some additional required training at WGM headquarters in July. We will begin Kiswahili language training by the end of August (after we settle into our “new” home at Tenwek). Please pray for our family as we plan and pack for this next two year stint in Kenya.

Arcadia Rabbits Beware

Jeremiah’s newest interest is bow hunting with his new compound bow. We currently live with Heather’s parents in a heavily populated, urban neighborhood (Arcadia), which also happens to be overrun with hares. So far Jeremiah has bagged four, the most recent one from 30 yards. I am anticipating that any day now, I will have a visit from the police with questions about a young adolescent male stalking the neighborhood with a compound bow. Jeremiah assures me that he is safe, and that he only kills animals for food (grandma does not like the fact that there are rabbits in her freezer).