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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Mysteries of Life, God’s Sovereignty and Free Will

Heather is now 18 weeks pregnant, and today, we had an extensive ultrasound of our new baby.  As we watched with amazing clarity the intricate anatomic details of this new little life unfold before our eyes (current technology is absolutely amazing), we couldn’t help but worship God for this miracle: toes, fingers, and details of other “parts” all being perfectly knit together by a sovereign God who wills, as he chooses, to create, in a truly mysterious way.   Our baby has no choice as to its sex, body shape, hair or eye color, the family it will be born into, its nationality, or even aspects of its personality.  But, like all of us, as per God’s mystery and perfect design, our baby will have a choice (despite these “non-options”) what to do with them, and whether or not to follow the One who willed to create this life.  In the end, we are all stewards of the life that God gives us, and we will be responsible to give an account of what we have done with the gifts He has given.  Yet, all is completely by Grace, so that in the end, any good that comes from our choices will be turned back as praise to Christ, who made everything possible by his sovereign death on the cross for our sins.  As is the mystery of new life, so is this mystery of God’s sovereignty and our free will.
By the way…it’s a girl!!