Dan, Heather, Jeremiah, Tory, Emma, Tye, Claire, Levi, Josie, Jane and Ethan

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Brief Galat Family Update - October 2018

The past several months have been incredibly eventful, not surprising for a family of 10! We were in the states for 6 weeks over the summer, and had a fantastic time together. 

One of the reasons for our trip to the states was so that I could take my oral certification exams, defending cases that I "collected" overseas at Kijabe.  I found out I passed the day we returned to Kenya (late August 2018)!  Now, I can officially be called a "Diplomate of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons."  I am so grateful to God for this miracle and for all who prayed me through this process!  

Emma graduated from the Rift Valley Academy in Kenya on July 12, 2018, the day we left for the States.

We transitioned Emma into college at Biola University in California, where she is a freshman studying in the Torrey Honors Program, and majoring in Voice Performance.  The week school started, she went to the music department to inquire about private voice lessons and they asked her to audition.  Long story short, the head professor of voice encouraged her to change her major, offering scholarships, and now she is pursuing her dream!  

Claire is now in her senior year at RVA, busy with multiple activities, and in the midst of applying to colleges. 

What? Josie is now 5 years old and started Kindergarten this year at RVA at the Titchie Swot (which is the British term for primary school).  We've not seen a girl more devoted to learning as Josie!

Jane is now 3, and primarily loves Ethan. 

Last week, we celebrated Ethan's 1st birthday!

While we were in the states, we were thankful to say goodbye to Heather's grandma Stuber before she passed away this month.  Heather is going to travel back to Phoenix for the funeral next week while I remain behind as Mr. Mom.  

This November will mark our 10th year anniversary of life and work in Kenya and our third year serving at Kijabe Hospital, where I continue to work teaching and training the orthopaedic residents.  The Kijabe program was recently approved to become the 2nd PAACS program and a 3rd program will begin January 2019 in Ethiopia.  God is doing amazing things to grow PAACS orthopaedics, which started at Tenwek just 5 years ago!

My hip and knee replacement practice has grown exponentially at Kijabe and now about 40% of what   I do.  The residents love learning about adult reconstruction, but our cases are far from straight-forward.  As such, during our next scheduled home assignment (July 2019-August 2020) I "matched" at Mayo Clinic Arizona for a year long fellowship to bring my skills to the next level.  We are so thankful to be near family during this time!

Overall, God has been incredibly faithful, providing for every need on multiple levels.  
Thank you for your continued love and support of our family!


Martha Ritchie said...

It is wonderful to see in pictures what the Lord has done and will do through your beautiful family!

Unknown said...

God bless you, it was awesome working with you as a physiotherapist before I left Kijabe

Unknown said...

James Thanks for the good work so far with God everything is possible kindly advice me on what to do- in 2016march 12th i had a problem which led to an operation to my lower back thus l5,l4,l3,s1 a disectomy was done today 3 years I'm yet to walk or stand without support nerves recovery yet from the heels to the toes please advice

I got your contacts from a fellow in us

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