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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tenwek Orthopaedic Symposium 2013

The symposium attendees from all over Kenya...love the i-Phone pano function!

 The Tenwek Surgery Building auditorium...perfect venue for our symposium. 

Sawbones workshop...Dr. Cabanela demonstrating how to do a total hip replacement using model bones.

Coolest part of the symposium...the live surgery demonstration where video and audio feed was piped live from the operating room to the auditorium.  Here, Dr. Joe Cass is asking Dr. Ray Kim questions while Kim performed a total knee replacement.

Sawbones workshop...Dr. Kim demonstrating a total knee replacement on model bones.

During the days leading up to the symposium, the team operated on some patients with challenging problems!

28 year old young lady with a badly dysplastic hip, now with a brand new hip replacement.

At the close of the symposium, the team was thanked in typical Kenyan fashion, including the rungu, symbol of (orthopaedic) strength and power!

Each attendee was presented with an official "Certificate of Participation" and CME credit was given to attending physicians.

Left to right: Dr. Joe Cass, myself, Dr. Ray Kim and Dr. Mike Cabanela.  Thanks team!

This past week, the Tenwek Department of Orthopaedic Surgery hosted our first-ever, 3-day teaching symposium on hip and knee replacement surgery for surgeons and medical personnel from all over Kenya.  More than 50 people attended to hear teaching, participate in workshops, and see live surgical demonstrations (via closed circuit TV from the operating room to the auditorium) on adult reconstructive orthopaedic surgery.    Two of our three guest speakers, Dr. Mike Cabanela and Dr. Joe Cass, were consultants I had the privilege of working with while I was a resident at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and the third, Dr. Ray Kim, was my chief resident when I was a junior on the orthopaedic trauma service.  Their teaching was outstanding, and many of the attendees told me personally that this was the best symposium they had ever attended!  We thank God for this special opportunity and that, overall, the symposium was a smashing success!


Unknown said...

Wow Dan what an amazing event! True blessings for the people of Kenya! We miss you and family here in AZ and think of you often. I also often wonder what could we do here at The Core Institute to help? I'd love to show this to Dr Jacofsky...

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