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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quick May 2013 Update

Just a brief update on the latest news from the Galat Family.  We have been in the states since late February and much has happened!

Career Missionaries with WGM
Our family spent the month of March traveling, visiting churches, supporters, family and friends, and we were so blessed everywhere we went.  Out first stop was at World Gospel Mission headquarters, in Marion, IN, where we were commissioned as career missionaries!   We are thankful for the ministry God has given us at Tenwek, and look forward to our return.  Aside from the orthopedic service at Tenwek, we plan to continue our focus on resident discipleship, orphan ministry and church leadership.  Thank you to all who have joined “Team Galat” in prayer, support and love over the years!   For information on how you can partner with our family, and in the work at Tenwek, you can click here.

New Orthopedic Residency in the Works
One of the most exciting new developments in orthopedics at Tenwek is plans for a new orthopedic residency!  We will be partnering with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS), a U.S. based organization which supports surgery training programs in Africa, to provide education and discipleship for African Christian orthopedic surgery residents based at Tenwek.  Our tentative plan is to interview prospective residents in October, and begin formal training in January 2014 (a full one year earlier than I had been hoping and praying)!  For information on joining us by helping to sponsor future orthopedic residents, please email me directly.

The Orthopedic Team at Tenwek just prior to my departure in late February. 
Mama and baby
Heather is now officially in the third trimester at 28 weeks and feeling well.  The “short list” of names for our baby girl continues to grow with the help of eager cousins here in Phoenix, including but not limited to Charlotte, Ruby, Hattie, Darcy, Willow, Harriett, Daisy, Cora, Collette and Lulu.  Do you have any suggestions?    

 Jeremiah – Joined us in late March, and we love having him around.  He is my workout partner in the early AM, and is determined to keep me fit…yesterday we worked the punching bag.  When not doing on-line school, he is busy earning cash by doing projects for grandpa.    
 Jeremiah and his g-pa.
 New table Jeremiah built himself, others soon to be available on Craig's List. 

Emma – Continues to sing, and is now starting private voice lessons.  Additionally, she was invited to practice with a choir at All Saints Episcopal Church here in the valley.  Mostly, she misses our dog Chuma who we left behind in Kenya.   
Claire - Excited to celebrate her 12th birthday this month and for her upcoming, extended “daddy-daughter date.”   Next weekend, Claire and I will travel together to Florida to organize a huge donation of orthopedic suppplies (and perhaps slip away to a water park for a few hours!)

Levi - Loves his cousin Marko, and together they scheme how they can obtain more Legos.  Marko came to me today with a 1000 Kenyan Shilling bill, wanting to sell it for some quick cash for a new Lego set.  He said he “found” it in his toy box…hmmm…

Thanks again for all your prayers and support!  We couldn’t serve at Tenwek without your partnership.


ErinOrtlund said...

Some of my favorite girl names that I think would go well with the names of your other kids: Lily, Grace, Anna, Rachel, Elizabeth, Kate (my daughter's name is Kathryn and we call her Kate) or some combination. Congratulations by the way!

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Unknown said...

When I first read your post about you having a girl, I thought ""Grace." Grace Galat has a nice ring to it..lol..

Wish we could have visited more..maybe if we get to come back..

Tell Emma I miss Chuma too...

Anna Murphy

Unknown said...

How about Gracelyn?

orthopedic surgeon new york said...

Nice blog. Cool images. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Reading your story I immediately thought your baby's name should be Grace. It seems I am not alone.

Roubaix (Tim & Sarah's sister-in-law)