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Friday, August 7, 2009

Veterinary Surgery, Corn Rows and Other Miscellaneous News

Sarah, Claire and Emma, after having their hair braided into corn rows, a process which took literally 5 hours.

Samson, post-neutering, drugged up with valium and ketamine (a medication similar to "angel dust"). He never knew what hit him!
Last month, we have had our new niece-in-law, Sarah, and her mom, Cindy visiting at Tenwek, and it was such a great time. Cindy is a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) in Ohio, and when we met at Sarah and Alex’s wedding last November, and she heard about the needs at Tenwek, she committed to come. And with Alex being on tour in Afghanistan for 6 weeks, the timing was perfect.

Cindy’s flight home coincided perfectly with a trip into Nairobi to continue our ordeal trying to finalize our work permits. We always hope that going to Nairobi will offer a few days of needed R&R, but it usually turns out to be almost as busy as our days at Tenwek. Thursday was spent at the Immigration Department (appropriately called by WGM staff the “house of pain and suffering”) in the morning, and then shopping for two months of groceries in the afternoon. The whole day Friday was spent at a non-profit organization in Nairobi which had medical supplies to donate to Tenwek, including 50 walkers, 20 brand new wheelchairs, and two huge boxes of men’s thong underwear??? (which I graciously turned down for some more “needy” organization). Saturday, we made the dusty trek back to Tenwek, and found 12 new patients admitted for surgery.

Last weekend was filled with diversion and excitement as our new dog Samson had “surgery,” as per Claire, “to turn him into a girl” (i.e. neutering). The surgery was a success even though it was done by a bone doctor (guided by a visiting veterinarian)! Sammy continues to grow as he devours everything we feed him.

Next week, I leave for a quick, one week trip back to the states for the SIGN conference in Richland, WA (thanks to the Coventry Award which I received from the Mayo Clinic when I graduated last year). I was asked to give a presentation on the SIGN nail experience at Tenwek hospital, which will also indirectly raise awareness of the work God is doing here. Please pray for “divine appointments” with the many people who will be at the conference, for the kind Dr. Glen Rowe who will be covering the ortho department while I am gone, and for Heather and the kids. Thanks for all the support and prayers you provide for our family here at Tenwek. We appreciate you all so much!


Tom Maurer said...

D and H
We love you blog and the kids look great, keep trusting God for safety and thanks for including us in your work and ministry.

Love Tom and Joy Maure
Phx and El Paso TX.
(tom is working in el paso for a year)

Anand John Mathew said...

Doctor Galat, it was really good reading about Tenwek. I worked in a mission hospital in India. Am preparing for my post graduation studies now. Want to work in Africa someday, and find your blog really informative. God bless.

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