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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our First Visitors...

Obscure picture Jeremiah took while on a "field trip" to the slaughter yard.

Mom and Claire feeding orphan "Annie" in the NICU three times daily.
The past two weeks we have been blessed to have Dan Sr. and Lois Galat visiting us at Tenwek. Although they are in their (early) 70s, they survived the long flight without difficulty, including a leg of the journey flying standby. After a few days in Nairobi gathering another two months of supplies and renewing our visas (we have now been in Kenya three months), we made the dusty journey back to Tenwek. My parents, being highly active, quickly found their niche, mom at the NICU caring for an orphan baby girl she and Claire named “Annie," feeding her faithfully three times per day, and dad at the Tenwek butchery. It did not take him long to discover that goat is butchered on Saturdays and beef on Mondays, and Wednesdays, or the industrial size meat grinder that Ernie Steury originally purchased for Tenwek a few decades ago. Meals have been interesting, yet delicious: goat burgers, true mystery-meat samosas, and beef stroganoff made with the tenderloin.

The kids have so enjoyed grandma and grandpa. During the days, mom helped Heather with homeschooling. Dad and Jeremiah took a “field trip” to the slaughter yard, where Jeremiah took many disturbing pictures not appropriate for public display. Nights were filled with games of Uno, Euchre and, once or twice, a movie on the “home theater” system. The highlight of their trip was the Safari on the Mara. We saw every animal in the “big five:” lion and leopard, elephant, rhino and cape buffalo, and the kids had the time of their lives watching hippos, dik-diks, water monitors, baboons, zebra, hyenas, etc. We all came away with a deeper appreciation of the incredible creativity, and complexity of God in His creation, all things made for His glory.
Please keep Dan Sr. in your prayers as he has been fighting a bad sinus infection (hopefully not brucellosis, malaria, or some other African treasure). They leave for the US on Tuesday evening, so please pray that they have a smooth return home, without any problems. We look forward to our next visitors in April, grandpa and grandma Kinkel.

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